Your privacy is important to us.

  • We value and respect your privacy.

    We always follow the law and do the right thing when we handle your personal information. We follow government rules such as the Privacy Act 1988, the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, and the Health Records Act 2001. These are laws that tell us how we can collect, keep, use, share, and delete your personal information properly.

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  • The kind of information we collect and keep depends on how you’re connected with us.

    If you are getting help from us, we will need to know some things about you and your situation. This includes personal information like your name, age, where you live, and how we can contact you.

    We’ll also ask about what’s happening in your life, any problems you might have, and what kind of help you need. Sometimes we’ll ask about your family or other people special to you, and if you are working and earning money.

    If you say it’s okay, we will get information from other places you’re getting help from. But you don’t have to share anything you’re not comfortable with. Just know that having the right information helps us help you better.

    If you are connecting with us in other ways, please check out our full Privacy Policy.

  • We only collect your personal information in ways that follow privacy laws and relate to why you’re connecting with us.

    You’ll usually know if we are collecting personal information from you because we’ll ask you for it.

    We will collect personal information from you in different ways, such as over the phone, through our website, when we meet with you or from other people to add to our information, like an agency referring you.

    If we get information about you that we didn’t ask for and shouldn’t have it, we’ll either delete it or make sure no one can tell it’s yours. We’ll do this as soon as possible and follow privacy laws.

  • We only use your personal information for the reasons you give it to us, or for the things related to our work with you or your children, unless the law states otherwise.

    Some of the reasons we collect, keep, and use your personal information are to:

    • confirm who you are
    • provide you with a service
    • ask for your thoughts so we can improve
    • answer any questions or solve any problems
    • refer you to another service
    • assess your suitability if you apply to work with us
    • promote our services, education, activities, and events
  • Children and young people are also our clients, and we collect personal information about them as part of our efforts to support them.

    Every member in our team including staff, directors, contractors, and students will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people.

    We’ll keep a child or young person’s personal information private, unless it’s necessary for their safety or wellbeing to share it with someone else.

  • Sometimes we have to share your information.

    We only do this to help you and we won’t give it to anyone else unless you say its ok.

    If you agree, we sometimes will share your information with:

    • other people or professionals you have said we can talk to for you
    • other organisations, like community or health service providers that will help you
    • professional advisors to help us follow the laws and rules, like auditors and accountants
    • government agencies, regulatory bodies, or law enforcement agencies
    • businesses we work with, like our safety audit contractors, our IT professionals, or other suppliers we use to support our work with you

    But if the law says we have to, we can share your information without asking you. For example, if it’s for your safety or a child’s safety, or if we learn about a serious crime, we will have to share your information with the police or emergency services to keep everyone safe.

  • We are committed to keeping your information safe.

    We make sure it is locked up tight so nobody can get to it without permission. We also have methods in place to protect your information from being lost, shared, or changed.

    When we don’t need your information anymore, or after we have met all legal requirements, we either dispose of it in a very secure way, or make sure nobody can tell it’s yours.

  • We understand it’s important for you to be able to see your information we have about you.

    To keep it safe, we will always need to make sure it’s really you making the request. We will ask you to show us something official, like a driver’s license.

    If sharing your information will affect the privacy or safety of others, we won’t be able to give you all of it. Under the privacy laws, we’re allowed to make this decision, and we’ll only do it if we have a good reason. Sometimes it’s necessary, and we have to follow the rules.

    You’re welcome to ask for your information at any time. We usually respond within 10 working days, but in more complex cases, it might take longer for us to provide it to you.

    Please scroll down to Who to Contact for access to your information.

  • All requests to access another person’s personal information, such as a client file, must be made in writing.

    If you are an authorised representative, such as a lawyer, social worker, or other professional, you will need to provide evidence of your authority to act on the person’s behalf.

    Please scroll down to Who to Contact for access to someone else’s information.

  • We want to make sure that all the information we have about you is up to date.

    You’re welcome to correct or update any information we have about you, if you think it’s wrong, incomplete, outdated, or does not affirm things like your identity. However, we will still need to make sure it is you making the request.

    Please scroll down to Who to Contact if we have it wrong.

  • We have a Privacy Officer who takes care of our privacy and information safety.

    The Privacy Officer is the person you can contact if you have any concerns about privacy, want to make a complaint, need information, or have to deal with court orders.

    Privacy Officer
    PO Box 698
    Ringwood, Victoria 3134
    (03) 9259 4200

    If you are not happy with how we handled your privacy concern, you can reach out to one of the agencies listed in our Privacy Policy. Their job is to help solve privacy complaints by working things out between people.