Primary prevention is a long-term agenda that aims to prevent family violence and violence against women from ever happening in the first instance. How? By identifying and addressing its underlying drivers.

invest in prevention

By addressing the core drivers of family and intimate partner violence, we can establish safe relationships, safe families, and safe communities.

Our work strives to create more equitable environments, raise awareness, and enable community activism to build a world where everyone is equally valued, heard and respected in their lives.

Our approach to prevention

lasting change

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens a generation at a time.

We work with the early years sector, schools, and other youth-based organisations to prevent violence in our community. We innovate and lead programs designed to advance gender equality, equity, and inclusion, as well as foster respectful relationships. Our goal is to empower those we work with to become advocates for gender equality and champions for violence prevention.

Our change making programs

Partner to prevent

Co-designing best practice programs at the forefront of prevention and education is just part of what we do.

Bringing like minded partners together with impact initiatives is our speciality. Whether it’s working with diverse youth to understand their role in activism, or collaborating on cutting egde workshops in schools. We’re with you.

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