Launching with YSL Beauty

partnering to prevent intimate partner violence

We have partnered with YSL Beauty as part of their global, ‘Abuse is Not Love’ initiative which has been launched in over 25 countries.

We are honoured to be YSL Beauty’s Australian Not For Profit Partner and contribute to educating 2 million people about Intimate Partner Violence and warning signs of abuse. So far 493,000 people have been trained globally as part of the initiative. Our primary prevention team, funded by YSL Beauty have trained over 1000 people since the partnership began in 2023.

In February, Brianna Myors, Manager Primary Prevention and Education and I were joined by Micaela Cronin, Commissioner, Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence and Victim Survivor, Taylor Broad on a panel hosted by Sarah Abo at YSL Beauty’s Melbourne Launch of the initiative.

It was an incredible opportunity to hear from the lived experience of Tayla and speak to the intersectional and compounding issues we see in our work. Brianna was able to speak to our work in prevention and early intervention and the importance of training across a range of industries. The panel was well received by Australian media, influencers, the executive leadership at YSL Beauty. Brianna and I were accompanied by members of our board including those with lived experience, executive and prevention team.

The event itself with its elements of glitz, felt a world away from our everyday in managing crisis and working at the interface of family violence. The contrast provided for much reflection. Most of the audience were women, and the statistics shared, being 1 in 3 would or have been impacted by family or intimate partner violence, fell heavily on the room.

Brianna excelled in educating about the warning signs of intimate partner violence and what to do in the event someone you know is at risk. From asking the right questions, to validating their experiences and accessing support – the audience were captivated and provoked to action.

Since the event, many have taken to social media and inquired about media stories to share what they learned and to contribute to raising awareness of this critical issue.

Some of the key takeaways that were shared with us from the event:

  • Family violence is everyone’s responsibility
  • We all have a role to play in ending family and intimate partner violence
  • Australia has one of the highest per capita rates of family and intimate partner violence in the world
  • Check in and ask if my friends are ok, silence is part of the problem
  • Invite men to be involved in the conversations and solutions

The event highlighted that partnerships like these amplify our voice, our work and our impact. That working together across the continuum of family violence, we really can achieve our vision. I am proud of our organisation, of the work you do alongside victim survivors and of the work we collectively do in prevention and education.

Thank you to YSL Beauty for partnering with us and amplifying our voice and impact.


Chief Executive Officer, FVREE


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